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ELPASS Foundation

For over 20 years, the nonprofit-ELPAS Foundation has conducted research on the structural failures of the economic, monetary, financial and fiscal systems, especially in the Americas. As a result, we have discovered that the structure of the global financial system is not designed and therefore does not respond to cyclical financial crises. Consequently, our multidisciplinary team has been dedicated to the development of a reengineering platform of monetary-financial policies which we are currently proposing to governments as a modern and anti-cyclical alternative, entitled: ELPAS-CQE System (ELPAS = Cryptographic Quantitative Easing).

ELPAS Premises:

1 ° – A country cannot develop soundly and balanced through a system of public indebtedness. Proof: The cyclical financial and economic crises at the international level.

2 ° – To get out of a financial crisis it is essential to apply a “structural reform” and the “paradigm shift” of the system.

3 ° – The Constitution and laws are currently only INDICATORS on what to do in State policies, while Information,
Communication and Knowledge Technologies, TICC’s, indicate how to make them applicable in real life.

4th – Without the adoption of the TICC’s, the elimination of economic, financial, social and cyclical political crises is utopian.

5 ° – Without a financial system like DSEF-FCC it is practically impossible to finance the “National Budget Law”, without resorting to public indebtedness.

6th – The emigration problem of America and Europe can be solved by the new geopolitics applied in the EDLACC



About the Founder

Full name: Friedrich Wilhelm SIEGEL
Birth date: 10/02/1945
Place of birth: Germany, Battenberg/Eder, Circuit Frankenberg.
Status: Married, 2 children, Venezuelan.
Profession: Economic Engineer grad. and Network Technician.

Elementary and Secondary Education:

1951 – 1960 Primary School, Brebach-Fechingen, Saarbrücken, Germany.
1961 – 1964 Middle maturity, Evening School, Mügelsberg-Saarbrücken.

Technical training
1960 – 1963 Mechanical Turner Formation, Ehrhardt & Sehmer, Saarbrücken
2004 — 6 month Network technician, Caracas, Venezuela.

Higher Education:

1964 – 1966 Mechanical Technician, Technical School, Neunkirchen-Saar.
1966 – 1969 Economic Engineer grad., State School of Engineering, Saarbrücken.
1973 – 1974 Programming Course, Euroton Institute, Karlsruhe.
1974 – 1977 University of Karlsruhe: Complementary studies in Economic and Political
Sciences and practical training in Administrative Courts.

Professional Experience:

1963 – 1964 Instructor for Mechanical Turner, Brown Boveri, Saarbrücken.
1969 – 1973 Engineer for Industrial Planning, Daimler Benz, Wörth/Rhein, Germany,
1976 – 1977 Engineer for System Development, ITT/SEL, Stuttgart.
1977 – 1979 Chief of Industrial Engineering Dept., STIHL do Brasil, Sao Leopoldo, Brasil.
1979 – 1983 Manager of STIHL, Motolandia C.A., Caracas, Venezuela
1983 to present President of ELPAS International C.A, Caracas, Venezuela.
1998 to present Founder & President ELPAS Foundation, Venezuelan Chapter, Caracas.
1999 to present Founder & President of ELPAS Cooperation, Venezuela.

2006-2008 Director of Technology and Organizational Development of political
movement “New Social Order (NOS) and, National Director of Independent
Professional and National Technical Movement and, Techno-political
Advisor for two (2) presidential candidates.

2006-2009 Founder & President of “Instituto de Investigación Científico y
Tecnológico, INTEC”.

2009-2012 Founder & President of ELPAS Foundation, Chapter Dominican Republic.

2013 to present Founder & President of the ELPAS-USA Foundation, Inc, with 501(c)(3)
status, Miami, U.S.A.

2013 to present Project owner and promoter of the revolutionary monetary & financial system
ELPAS-CQE, presented to the United States Congress, more than 100
international governments, multilateral organizations such as UN, OAS, SELA,
CEPAL, PNUP, EU, and 35 City Managers and Mayors of United States cities.

Languages: German, Spanish, English, Portuguese.



908 New Hampshire Avenue Northwest #100, Washington, DC 20037, United States



Working Hours

Monday-Friday: 9:00 – 18:00
Saturday: 11:00 – 17:00
Sunday: Closed